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[ fate loves the fearless ]



Beatnik is Hargreaves Hill’s rebellious little brother, who is more concerned with the bigger questions in life and exploring his inner and outer worlds, than a conforming to the motions of what society expects him to do.

With an adventurous spirit, Beatnik explores spaces than only cans can go.

Beatnik is big, bold and fearless, embracing the open road before us, and the world of possibilities.

Fate loves the fearless. The fearless love Beatnik.

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hops: galaxy, citra, mosaic, azacca

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malt: pilsner, vienna, wheat and oats


HAZY PALE - 4.6%

Generous whirlpool and double dry-hopping alongside heavy use of malted wheat and oats give this hazy beer a soft mouthfeel with big, juicy tropical hop character


Just released, coming soon!


Carry a Hazy Pale to the highest peak, and crack it right on sundown. Best enjoyed while looking over endless horizons and sun set coloured skies.


XPA - 5%

Made with hops from the Yakima Valley and brewed with light-coloured malts. Huge late hop additions pack this XPA full of aroma, with notes of citrus and fruit punch. 


"Pouring a bright, pale golden and with equally bright hop aromas – tropical, melony and reminiscent of a fruity Marlborough sauv blanc – that feed into juicy fruit flavours atop a slightly grainy base and a decent clip of bitterness, it's a beer that could offer mighty refreshment to the bearded, beanie'd wanderer"

  • the crafty pint


XPA is the start of an adventure of the inner and outer worlds, of flavour, of enjoyment and of ourselves.  The perfect road beer.


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60/64-86 Beresford Rd,

LILYDALE Victoria 3140

Brewery & brewers

Beatnik is brewed at the Hargreaves Hill Brewery, by the awesome Hargreaves Hill brewers. Beatnik is an ideology that projects our brewers into a space of no boundaries, where they can design recipes and brew with the only limit being their imagination.  And of course, we are certified independent so drinking Beatnik means supporting Australian indie biz, and your dollars are going back into our community.



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